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Treadstone Law acted on behalf of Mr C in relation to a Road Traffic Accident and Won!

an ambulance attending a road traffic accident

“Treadstone Law acted on behalf of Mr C in relation to a Road Traffic Accident. The Claimant was driving down a minor side road in Sale minding his own business when suddenly and without warning the car in front performed a u-turn. He applied the brakes as fast as he could but was unable to […]

Happy Monday? Work Related Illness?

an accident at work
[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””] As the fourth Monday of 2017 rolls around, many will be returning to work after the weekend. A typical working life for the average person spans over 40 years consisting of over 80,000 hours in the workplace. During that time the average person will work for six different employers. In fact about […]

Benidorm Holiday-Makers Blighted by Food Poisoning

ecoli food poisoning due to hotel food

Food Poisoning on Holiday in Benidorm Food poisoning can certainly ruin a holiday. And over the last 4 weeks, our team have taken instructions from a large number of families who have stayed at the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm, Spain. Reports of sickness and diarrhoea, and in some cases crippling stomach cramps confining the […]

Accidents and Illnesses on Holiday | Treadstone Law Solicitors

accidents and illnesses on holiday-2

Accidents and Illnesses on Holiday With the holiday season drawing to a close, accidents and illnesses on holiday remain an issue. Whether you choose to holiday in the UK or abroad, each year there are numerous people who have been unable to fully enjoy their break away due to an accident or illness. If you […]

Holiday Compensation Claim

a woman suffering with sickness on holiday | holiday compensation claims

Each year we help a large number of holiday makers receive compensation for their holidays which have been spoilt by either an accident or illness due to no fault of their own. Holiday Compensation Claim Having invested a lot, both in terms of time and money, in their holidays, the last thing anyone wants or needs is […]

Egypt holiday compensation claim | Nightmare holiday

Egypt holiday compensation

Getting sick in a foreign country is upsetting. Especially, if you are somewhere unfamiliar dealing with doctors and nurses who may not speak your language. In more serious cases, it can have also a significant effect on your finances. Your Provider’s Obligations Your all-inclusive holiday provider must follow package holiday regulations. Therefore, they have a […]

Poor hotel hygiene in Turkey resulting in sickness

a picture of a harbour in Turkey

Spent more time in the bathroom than on the beach while on holiday in Turkey? If poor hygiene in your hotel in Turkey has left you or your loved ones suffering from food poisoning or any other issue, you may be entitled to claim compensation. When you book a package holiday you are covered by […]

Holiday food poisoning resulted in £10,000 compensation

Barbecue holiday food poisoning

Holiday food poisoning dangers – barbeque The risk of suffering a bout of food poisoning from a barbecue on holiday comes as a result of two main problems. The first one is undercooked meat. The second is the transfer of germs from raw meat to food that’s already been cooked and is ready to eat. […]