NHS to Immediatley Suspend Vaginal Mesh Implants


The government has accepted the use of vaginal mesh implants to treat complications after childbirth should be stopped immediately to prevent further risk of “life-changing and life-threatening injuries” to women.


The insufficiently tested and poorly regulated plastic mesh devices have been shown to erode and disintegrate, slicing through organs and vaginal walls to cause paralysis, chronic pain, sepsis, loss of sex life and even organ failure. Thousands of women have been maimed by mesh across the world and have been left on the brink of suicide, unable to work and reliant on wheelchairs.

Outraged campaigners have fought against the use of the ‘barbaric’ implants for years as thousands have been maimed by the procedure.

Until 2017, government guidelines had stated the surgery was safe and effective. However, one in 15 women given a mesh implant later required surgery to have it removed, with some suffering life-altering complications.

The scandal came to light last April, when the NHS tried to dodge media attention over the implants that left hundreds of women in agony. Senior doctors immediately called for a public inquiry into the controversial mesh, with some claiming the scandal could be akin to thalidomide.

At the time, 800 women were suing the NHS and device manufacturers. However, it is unsure how many women are now looking to take action in Britain.

What’s next is compensation, and support for the hundreds of thousands of women already in litigation in the UK and US. No amount of money can repair bodies, broken families or bring the dead back to life – but it can offer quality of life, and in many cases help pay for the extensive treatments and repair surgeries necessary to survive.


If you or a loved one have suffered because of Vaginal Mesh Implants, get in touch with Treadstone Law today and we can help you claim the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.
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