Did you business close because of lockdown?

If your business has had to close because of the lockdown, you may be able to claim on your business insurance for loss of revenue. Many insurance companies have refused these claims en masse leaving small and medium business owners with massive losses.

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    Insurers you can claim against

    Business interruption due to no Covid-19 cases

    You may be able to claim even if there hasn’t been a covid case on the premises or amongst your staff. Insurance companies don’t pay out unless you make them, and we at Treadstone law don’t take NO for an answer.

    Your Questions Answered

    Yes, if you decided to close your business to customers due to a fear of the pandemic, that would be seen as a reasonable reason to claim.

    Furthermore, it would be difficult for some businesses to stay open and implement social distancing measures. So, if you closed your business to protect your staff and customers, then you may have a valid claim.

    Yes as the government grants are immediate help for businesses and the government is aware that business owners will also be making claims against their insurance policies. You can still proceed with your claim with Treadstone Law.

    There are numerous areas that you can make a claim for, including:

    • Actual and/or forecast loss of revenue,
    • Business costs such as rent,
    • Wages,
    • Charges from loans acquired due to COVID-19.

    Treadstone Law will pick through the wording on your insurance policy using our expertise. We will make sure that your claim is presented properly and can stand up as valid.

    Yes – if you tried to claim yourself and were denied, you have a solid case. If your policy has a valid business interruption clause, then Treadstone Law will give you the option of bringing action against your insurer on a no-win-no-fee basis. The insurer might reconsider and pay out, or it can proceed to court, where a judge will decide. For this service, we may take up to 30% of what your insurance company pays out, but this may vary.

    Yes, you can still start the assessment process with Treadstone Law, but you’ll also need to contact your insurance company. You should request copies of your policy: documents, policy schedule, certificate and booklet, which they legally must give to you. Once you receive them, all you have to do is send them us and we’ll start your free assessment.

    No, we operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. Starting your claim is completely free. Charges are subject to your claim being successful and will come out the money we recover from your insurer on your behalf.

    No – we operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. If your claim is unsuccessful then you won’t receive any money and won’t have to pay a penny. The only exception to this is if you have told us anything that was not true or misled us in any way about your claim.

    Yes, we can still help. The size of your business doesn’t matter, only the wording of your policy does.

    If your claim is successful, Treadstone Law may take up to 30% of the money you receive from your insurance company. However, the exact percentage may vary.

    This depends on the individual circumstances of your business and your insurer.

    It’s a very simple process. Once you have submitted your free assessment form online, we will contact you about the next steps.

    Why Treadstone Law?

    Treadstone Law’s civil litigation department has over 20 years’ experience in making claims for clients against Insurance companies and we have a high success rate, subject to approval we can act NO WIN NO FEE (Ts & Cs apply ). Your claim for business interruption payments could save your business and re-capitalise it.

    As part of the process we will need to see your Insurance policy straight away and asses the contents. There are approximately 600 variations on the terms of standard business interruption insurance policies and it’s vital we see your policy at the start if the case.

    Over 10 years of winning our cases!

    “I have used Treadstone law for myself and my family over the last 10 years , they are a very good company and always win our cases!”

    Mr B Bojang / Manchester

    Highly recommended

    “Very satisfied with the outcome of my claim. Everything was explained to me in an easy to understand way. My solicitor was very friendly and approachable. Highly recommended.”

    Paul / Manchester

    Professional, efficient and effective.

    “I have dealt with Treadstone Law on several occasions and have always found them to be professional, efficient and effective. I would highly recommend them.”

    Mr N Cahill / London

    Utmost skill and professionalism.

    “When the dentist ruined my teeth Treadstone Law handled my claim for dental negligence with utmost skill and professionalism. I was able to recover damages sufficient to rectify the carnage inflicted on me by the dentist.”

    Dominic Walker

    Invaluable in getting me the result

    “Recently had Stuart represent me during a difficult period. He was excellent at communicating with me throughout, and clearly has a lot of knowledge. Stuart put it in a way I could understand which made my ability to be properly involved so much easier. His advice was invaluable in getting me the result, but his personable manner was the reason I chose him to represent me. I have already passed him on to several friends and a family member, with all positive feedback.”

    Ben Nolan

    Couldn’t me more pleased with the result

    “I was a bit worried at first having never made a claim, but Stuart really knows what he’s doing and looked after my case from start to finish. Couldn’t be more pleased with the result and the way it was handled.”

    Mr B. Worsley

    Goes above and beyond!

    “I have dealt with Treadstone law twice. On both occasions I recieved much more than I was expecting financially. The service levels recieved at Treastone law and more specifically Stuart was exceptional.. Stuart goes above and beyond! He was in touch at every point throughout the process and I would highly recommend him!”

    MR C Bowman

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