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Have you or a loved one been unfortunate to suffer an accident or illness on holiday?

Our Holiday Sickness Solicitors are able to support you if you have suffered because of negligence. Also, there is no financial risk to you as our holiday sickness claims are funded by a No Win, No Fee agreement.

What types of holiday sickness can I claim for?

You may be able to make a holiday sickness claim if you have contracted any of the following:

You may also be entitled to claim compensation if you have recently been on holiday and suffered from travellers’ diarrhoea.

If you have become ill with any other condition not mentioned above as a consequence of the negligence of your service provider or another party, seek our legal advice now. You may be able to claim holiday sickness compensation for your illness.

How much can I claim for being sick on holiday?

The amount you can claim will depend on the specific details of your case. The nature and severity of your illness will also be assessed and taken into account.

Generally speaking, mild food poisoning on holiday involving stomach pain, cramps and diarrhoea continuing for several days would, on average, settle for between £700 and £3,000.

You may also be entitled to receive compensation to repay any money you lost as a result of your illness. For example, if you have had to pay for making changes to your flights and/or accommodation, treatment in hospital abroad, and taxis to appointments.

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    Countries common for holiday illness claims

    Illnesses can occur anywhere in the world. However, based on our experience of helping clients make holiday illness compensation claims over the years, we believe some of the most common places for you to fall ill whilst on holiday include:

    If you have fallen ill on a package or all-inclusive holiday in any of these or other countries, contact us today.

    How long do you have to make a holiday illness compensation claim?

    The law in the UK and much of Europe states that you usually have three years from when you fall ill to submit your claim for compensation to court. However, there are exceptions to this and, in other countries, the time limits will differ. We strongly advise you to contact us as soon as you are well enough to do so; we can then start to gather evidence on your behalf and begin to make a claim for your compensation.

    How long do holiday sickness claims take?

    The process can take slightly longer than a claim within the UK, as your tour operator legally has 6 months to investigate your claim internally.

    As a guide, the average length of a holiday claim is around 18 months; although this can be reduced if there are multiple cases of sickness in the same resort.

    Can travel insurance compensate me for the costs incurred?

    If you suffer from severe food poisoning, the doctor may recommend that you stay in a hospital for a few days or a week. As a result, your medical bills may add up to thousands of pounds.

    A travel insurance policy does not only provide compensation for medical fees; it also enables you to recover your lost travel investment. However, the insurance only covers the costs incurred and does not compensate you for the loss of enjoying your holiday.

    How long does a travel insurance claim take?

    How long does it typically take travel insurance companies to pay a claim? It will depend on the type of your claim. But generally, once you have provided your travel insurer with all the necessary documentation, you should receive an outcome within 10 to 14 business days. If you wish to pursue a claim for compensation against the holiday company then we recommend you get in touch with our experts at Treadstone Law.

    Why should I choose Treadstone Law to help me make a holiday sickness claim?

    We have been instrumental in helping our clients claim significant sums for both accidents and illnesses whilst on holiday.

    Our Holiday Sickness Claims expert solicitors are able to support you if you or your loved one have suffered because of illness abroad.

    If you have become sick on holiday, contact our solicitors now for a free claim assessment.

    Whether your holiday was in the UK or abroad, we can help you to claim relevant compensation. Depending on the type of incident involved, all you need to do is speak to us.

    Call us on 0161 490 8960 so we can provide you with expert legal advice at no cost to you.

    Our Holiday Sickness Claims are funded by a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

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