Majorca Holiday ruined by food poisoning? Claim Compensation

Majorca holiday ruined by food poisoning

Majorca holiday ruined by food poisoning

We recently took instructions from ‘Ms H’ from Urmston who had been on holiday to Majorca, Spain.

She was on an expensive all-inclusive package which was her first family holiday with her children.

Unfortunately, Ms H contracted food poisoning as a consequence of eating badly cooked meat at the hotel. This resulted in both her and her family becoming very ill whilst on holiday.

As you can imagine, this ruined the remainder of the family’s holiday. And on top of that, they continued to be ill after they returned back to the country.

Our Treadstone Law Team claimed against the holiday company who initially denied liability. Following our intervention, they went on to make a generous offer of over £5,000 which adequately compensated her for the cost of the holiday and damages for Ms H’s and her family’s food poisoning.

My holiday was also ruined by food poisoning

If you’ve had a holiday ruined by sickness, you may be able to establish a claim against the holiday operator, if it is contracted to provide you with food as part of the holiday package.

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If you purchased additional food not included within the price of the holiday, you may find yourself in difficulty because it would be hard to show that the tour operator was responsible for the provision of the food that made you ill.

If, however, you can show that you fell ill with food poisoning contracted as a result of eating contaminated food provided as part of the holiday package, you have good prospects of persuading the tour operator to compensate you for your lost holiday.

The amount of compensation will depend upon the severity of your illness and how long you take to recover.

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