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Travellers’ Diarrhoea on holiday

travellers' diarrhoea on holiday

Travellers’ Diarrhoea on all-inclusive holiday If you’ve ever suffered from travellers’ diarrhoea while on holiday, you may be wondering what could have caused it. Travellers’ diarrhoea is severe and sudden onset diarrhoea strongly associated with foreign travel and change of diet, especially undercooked or unhygienic cooking/serving conditions   If you are heading out for an […]

I have had an accident at work

Blog: I have had an accident at work

Accidents at work are unfortunately extremely common.  According to the Health and Safety Executive, as many as 1.4 million working people suffered a work related illness or accident in 2017/18.  Furthermore, 30.7 million working days were lost due to work related illness and 144 people were killed at work. There are a wide variety of […]

What do I do if I get sick on holiday? Holiday sickness advice

holiday collage with beach and passport - what do I do if I get sick on holiday?

Sick on holiday? Even the most careful and experienced of travellers can become sick while they’re travelling or on holiday abroad. Unfamiliar medical facilities and language barriers can make the experience even more stressful than it would be at home. In this blog, we provide practical advice on what to do if you fall sick […]

Compensation for Misdiagnosis of Fracture

compensation for misdiagnosis of fracture

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Treatment of Fracture An undiagnosed or a misdiagnosed fracture is a break in your bone that isn’t picked up by a doctor during an examination. Broken fingers and toes are especially common, but these tend to heal on their own, with very little need for medical assistance. Fractures in areas such as […]

Compensation from Landlord | Damaged Property & Breaches

mould on ceiling in a room

Seeking compensation from Landlord If you live in a rented council or housing association property which is in a substandard state, our team of No win No fee Disrepair Solicitors can step in and help you obtain compensation from your Landlord. We understand that life is hard enough without coming home to a house which […]

Poor hotel hygiene in Turkey resulting in sickness

a picture of a harbour in Turkey

Spent more time in the bathroom than on the beach while on holiday in Turkey? If poor hygiene in your hotel in Turkey has left you or your loved ones suffering from food poisoning or any other issue, you may be entitled to claim compensation. When you book a package holiday you are covered by […]