What do I do if I get sick on holiday? Holiday sickness advice

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Sick on holiday?

Even the most careful and experienced of travellers can become sick while they’re travelling or on holiday abroad.

Unfamiliar medical facilities and language barriers can make the experience even more stressful than it would be at home.

In this blog, we provide practical advice on what to do if you fall sick abroad.

What do I do if I get sick on holiday – Practical tips

Report signs of illness to your holiday rep and hotel staff

As soon as you start showing any symptoms of illness, make sure you report it to your holiday representative (holiday rep) and the hotel in writing.

Make sure you also check whether any of your travel companions are suffering from similar symptoms. If so, write down the details of anyone who is.

Your holiday rep or even hotel staff should be able to advise on the nearest pharmacy, doctor’s surgery or hospital and how those outlets operate.

Gather evidence of poor hygiene

Is there any evidence of poor hygiene? If so, gather evidence.

Take photos of anything suspicious, such as raw meat, flies on food, food not covered up properly, food left out, or dried up.

Consider what you think may have caused the illness.

If you can prove you fell ill or became injured as a result of negligence on the part of the hotel staff, you may be able to claim compensation.

Keep receipts for any medicines and treatments received

If you have to buy medicines or pay for any treatments while on holiday abroad, make sure you keep receipts for everything.

This is for any claim that may be made up on your return. You need to be able to show how much money you spent on your treatment.

Be careful with your social media

Be careful what you post on social media as it may be used against you.

If you make a personal injury claim upon your return back to the country, the defendants will look into your social media accounts for evidence.

If there is any information which is contrary to what you claim, then it will affect the success of your claim.

See your GP when you return home

When you return home, you should visit your GP.

This is to get professional advice of further treatment that may be needed and for an assessment of your condition.

Never Travel without insurance

Make sure you purchase comprehensive travel insurance policy before you go on holiday abroad.

Comprehensive travel insurance policy covers you for medical emergencies while abroad which is important to prevent any unexpected medical bills, and would ideally cover the cost of an air ambulance in a worst-case scenario.

Contact your travel insurance company immediately so they can advise on exactly what illness or accidents you are covered for.

Apply for GHIC and/or EHIC

Always carry the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and the UK European Health Insurance Card (new UK EHIC) when you travel abroad.

They are both free and entitle you to medically necessary healthcare. This includes things like:

  • emergency treatments and A&E visits
  • routine maternity care, as long (as you’re not going abroad to give birth)
  • oxygen therapy and kidney dialysis

What do I do if I get sick on holiday and can’t return home?

If your illness makes it impossible to travel back home, speak to your airline about switching flights.

Making a compensation claim

It is possible to make a claim for ‘loss of enjoyment’ when you get home from holiday. Therefore, always keep a record of what happened and how it came about, in case you wished to pursue the services of a solicitor once you’re feeling better.

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