Removing a CCJ for Energy Bills

Receiving a County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be a worrying experience, especially if you were not aware of the court proceedings. In this blog post, we discuss how Treadstone Law Solicitors helped a client remove a CCJ for energy bills.

CCJ for Energy Bills from ISUPPLY ENERGY LTD

Our client was added to a claim as the second defendant made by ISUPPLY ENERGY LTD., which had gone into liquidation. The liquidators, Resolve Group UK, filed a claim against our client for an outstanding amount of £4352.82 for energy bills. Unfortunately, our client did not receive the court papers as they were sent to an incorrect address. Furthermore, our client had a valid defence as she rented out the property, and the energy bills were the responsibility of her tenants.

Our Energy Bills CCJ Removal Approach:

At Treadstone Law Solicitors, we understand that receiving a CCJ can be a stressful experience. Therefore, we always aim to provide our clients with a quick and effective solution. We filed a contested application, and a video hearing was listed. Our client, the second defendant, was represented by one of our trusted advocates.

Parking Charge Notice CCJ Removal Outcome:

The judge ruled in favour of our client and set aside the CCJ. Furthermore, the judge ordered the defendant to file a defence within 28 days. The claim was subsequently struck out, and the CCJ was removed from our client’s record. Additionally, the judgement debt was written off.

Received a CCJ for Energy Bills?

If you have received a CCJ for energy bills or any other outstanding debt, do not hesitate to contact Treadstone Law Solicitors. We have extensive experience helping clients remove CCJs and achieve positive outcomes. Our team of dedicated advocates will represent you in court and help you resolve your legal issues quickly and effectively. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you remove a CCJ from your record.

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