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Our Shop Accident Solicitors are able to support you if you have suffered because of negligence. Also, there is no financial risk to you as our work injury claims are funded by a No Win, No Fee agreement.

Had an accident in a shop? Got injured in a Slip, Trip or Fall?

Although suffering a trip, slip or fall may seem very trivial, it can be painful, embarrassing, and sometimes cause nasty or permanent injuries.

If you have tripped on an uneven pavement or a supermarket spillage, we might be able to help you make an accident claim and get compensation you deserve.

Tripped in a Shop or Supermarket?

If you slip and fall in a private space such as a shop or supermarket and the fall was caused by something negligent, such as a wet floor, then you have every right to claim compensation for the owner’s negligence.

The Health and Safety Executive point out that it is the responsibility of any supermarket to make sure that their floors are safe for customers, visitors and employees. HSE give the following advice:

  • Spillages should be cleaned and dried immediately,
  • Wet floors should have warning signs on them,
  • Floors should be kept in good condition,
  • Hazardous wear and tear should be highlighted to warn customers,
  • Hazards shouldn’t be left out on the floor.

Supermarkets are supposed to have a proper regular system of checking for spillages and tripping hazards. This is particularly the case near soft fruit and vegetables, drinks and chilled cabinets, as they are the most likely areas for spillages to occur.

Often, these proper housekeeping systems are not followed and hazards are left in the aisles for long periods of time.

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    How does a Shop Accident Injury Claim affect me?

    Making a shop accident injury claim for compensation can provide you and your family with the financial support and security you require. This is particularly important if your ability to work, either now or in the future, has been impacted or you are likely to require professional care.

    Do I have to make a Claim for Shop Accident?

    Most people either don’t know that they can make a shop accident injury claim or don’t want to make a claim against their local supermarket.

    You just want to get better. But, by making a claim you can help prevent similar mistakes in the future and a settlement may go some way to assist you in your rehabilitation and give you closure.

    Can I make a claim for an accident in a shop?

    A claim for shop accident injury should be possible if you were injured whilst shopping in the last three years, and the owner was to blame (even partly).

    With a wide range of experience covering common slips and trips to complex and serious injuries, our team are skilled in getting the best results for you.

    Our No Win, No Fee service has helped hundreds of clients injured in a shopping related accident, and means there is no financial risk to you. Get in touch with us now. 

    Can Treadstone Law help me claim for a Shop Accident Injury?

    If you have been injured in an accident in a public place/ shop/ supermarket, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the specialists at Treadstone Law.

    First of all, we need to know the important details about your accident, such as where and how the accident happened and about your personal injuries.

    If you received any medical treatment or there were any witnesses to the accident, particularly from shop staff, we’ll ask for these details along with copies of any photos that were taken relating to the accident.

    A no win, no fee personal injury solicitor that specialises in shop accident claims will review your case based on the details you provide, and assess how successful your work accident claim is likely to be.

    If you require medical treatments and/or rehabilitation support after a shop accident, it’s vital to contact us immediately so we can assist with your rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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    Why Treadstone Law?

    Our civil litigation department has over 20 years’ experience and a high success rate in making claims for clients like you against people who have wronged you (subject to approval we can act for you on a NO WIN NO FEE* basis).

    Your claim for personal injury could get you the compensation you may be eligible for. As part of our process, we will need to see your supporting evidence straight away and asses the contents.

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    "Recently had Stuart represent me during a difficult period. He was excellent at communicating with me throughout, and clearly has a lot of knowledge. Stuart put it in a way I could understand which made my ability to be properly involved so much easier. His advice was invaluable in getting me the result, but his personable manner was the reason I chose him to represent me. I have already passed him on to several friends and a family member, with all positive feedback."

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    "I have dealt with Treadstone law twice. On both occasions I received much more than I was expecting financially. The service levels recieved at Treastone law and more specifically Stuart was exceptional.. Stuart goes above and beyond! He was in touch at every point throughout the process and I would highly recommend him!"

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    "Treadstone delivered timely and accurate legal advice which helped me enormously and directly lead me to winning my case."

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    "Treadstone Law were recommend to me, they took the case on very quickly spoke to all witnesses within 48 hours and even met me at the scene of the accident so that I could walk them through what happened."

    Miss S / Oldham

    "Fantastic customer service, speedy resolution to my case, Stuart and Shu were friendly and knowledgeable."

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    "My wife was recently involved in a quite serious car crash, thankfully she wasn’t seriously injured but the car was totally destroyed, Stuart and his team handled everything from day one, from getting the pay-out for the car to dealing with the injury claim in an extremely professional and compassionate manner, he kept in contact with us at every step of the process and managed to sort everything out in under 12 weeks. I would recommend Treadstone Law to anyone that has had an accident, excellent service and total professionals."

    Mr Howard / Manchester

    "My solicitors have worked really hard to win my case. I am really pleased with the services provided. I would definitely recommend Treadstone to friends and family in the future. Thanks again."

    Mrs M / Cheshire

    “I was inundated by phone calls from dodgy companies telling me to put a claim in, but a colleague recommended Treadstone Law. I gave them a call and was astonished that, nine months later, I got a cheque for £4,700. Brilliant result!”

    Mr S / Wythenshawe

    “My son was injured at a holiday club. Treadstone Law came out to see me the same day I contacted them, and the solicitor who showed a real interest in the case. He explained it all well and was really nice to my son who was a bit frightened as he thought he was in trouble . We went to the scene of the accident and he did a full report taking loads of photos . This was really important as the play scheme moved all the incriminating evidence the next day.”

    Miss C / Cheshire

    “I had a simple road traffic accident and I was astonished when my solicitor called me and said she has settled my case for £13,000. I was very happy with the customer service that I received from Treadstone Law. They were always happy to help me with any questions I had and made me feel so welcome when I visited their offices. I will recommend my friends and family to use them if they require legal services.”

    Mrs O / Manchester

    “I was treated as a real human being by Treadstone Law. I was asked how I was, and the Solicitor did more than I had come in for, as I asked his advice about several other things. He answered all my questions and advised me what I should do, or what he would do if it were him. He made up for a lack of sensitivity shown by another solicitor’s firm, who treated me like a cash cow, were mercenary and lacked empathy. Unfortunately, I still have to deal with these solicitors, but not for long hopefully. Thank you again, and I will recommend you. Treadstone Law have restored my faith in solicitors!”

    Mrs D / Manchester

    “I was very impressed with the service I received, from the start of my claim to completion.”

    Mr S / Bolton