Settlement for Broken Ankle

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Settlement for Broken Ankle – A recent Compensation Claim

Our Personal Injury Solicitors recently obtained a settlement for broken ankle on behalf of Mr B from Manchester.

Mr B went out to get some milk and a paper from the corner shop. While walking to the shop, he crossed the road adjacent to a new housing development.

It transpired that the developers had not put a piece of kerb in. There was a section missing.

Unfortunately, our client did not see the omission, stumbled and broke his ankle.

How did our Solicitors help?

Our team of Solicitors were appointed and immediately took photos showing the defect. These were sent to both the Council and the developers who decided to attempt to level blame at each other.

As a result, we issued court proceedings with a Barrister agreeing with us that the kerb was in fact dangerous.

In the process, it came to light that neither defendant could show a system of inspection for the kerb.

Eventually, we spoke to the 2nd defendant’s Solicitors (the developers’ Solicitors) who agreed to make an offer.

Following negotiations, we were able to get our client several thousand pounds without going to court.

Our client, Mr B was delighted with the outcome of the case.

Compensation for a broken ankle.

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