Compensation for Injured Pedestrian Hit By Car

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Our team managed to win £24,000 for an Injured Pedestrian Hit By A Car.

We have just settled a claim for a pedestrian who had a nasty accident when knocked over by a car.

Initially the insurers would not make an interim payment , so we took them to court and got an interim for £5000 .

After a protracted negotiation, they then offered her £8000. We believed this to too low and decided to issue court proceedings. With three weeks to go to trial we were able to settle for the much increased £24,000 and the insurers also agreed to pay for an operation done privately on her shoulder.

All in all, a great result for our client in difficult circumstances.

Would you like to claim for being knocked over by a car? Please contact us and lets talk about how we can help you make a claim

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