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What is Blood Cancer misdiagnosis?

A blood cancer misdiagnosis occurs when you suffer from the illness but are not diagnosed.

There are few occasions where you can be diagnosed with blood cancer while suffering from other illnesses.

GPs have been told to test all patients with one or more blood cancer symptoms

As many as 240,000 people live with blood cancer in the UK. Moreover, someone receives a leukaemia diagnosis every 14 minutes.

Recently, RCGP chair Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard said:

‘GPs understand that timely diagnosis of cancer leads to better outcomes for patients – and the latest data shows that over 75% of all cancer cases are referred by GPs after just one or two consultations.’

However, not all possible cases of blood cancer are being diagnosed early enough.

Sky News have reported that MPs are calling for more blood screening by GPs due to the difficulties posed when diagnosing blood cancer.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer, set up in June 2016, has published a report recommending that GPs routinely test for the disease.

It says that despite being the fifth most common cancer in the UK, it is often missed. This is because its symptoms can be vague. They can include tiredness, bruising, back ache, night sweats and weight loss – and are often put down to other health problems such as flu.

People are becoming more aware of these cases as they are being reported in the news.

Recently, Sky News sports presenter Simon Thomas revealed how doctors missed his wife’s blood cancer despite making 3 visits to the GP within 6 days, four days after final GP visit she was dead.

In order to improve early diagnosis rates, they called on GPs to immediately order a blood test for anyone presenting with one or more symptoms of blood cancer.

Symptoms of blood cancers can be similar to the symptoms of feeling ‘run down’ or flu, such as fatigue, night sweats, weight loss, bruising and pain.

Suffered as a result of Blood Cancer misdiagnosis? You may be able to make a claim

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