Claiming for an Accident in a Supermarket

accident in a shop

If you have been injured in an accident in a supermarket or shop you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.
These types of accidents are common and can result in injury to both supermarket customers and workers.

A supermarket accident can occur both inside the supermarket or outside on the supermarket car-park. All shop owners, including supermarkets, have a duty to ensure that customers are reasonably safe whilst shopping and visiting the supermarket.

If the supermarket fails to ensure the safety of both shoppers and employees and an accident occurs causing injury this can lead to a supermarket accident claim.

Examples of supermarket accidents that can give rise to an accident claim include:

  • Slips, caused by a wet floor or spillage
  • Slipping on a wet floor by the entrance
  • Items falling from shelves hitting customers
  • Being struck by trolleys or equipment moved by staff
  • Tripping on a pot-hole in  car park.
  • Tripping over items left in aisles

What to do after a supermarket accident

If you are involved in a supermarket accident you should always report the incident to the supermarket manager or customer services.

The staff should offer first aid or call an ambulance if this is required. Staff should also take your personal details and details of how the accident happened. You should ask that the details are recorded in the supermarket accident book.

If possible you should try to obtain the name and address of any witness to the accident. It is also useful if you can take photographs of the cause of the accident – i.e. the spillage, obstruction, pot-hole etc.

Recently our client, Mr B, was involved in an unfortunate tripping accident in a Manchester supermarket car park, which lead to a significant injury.

Taking up his case we approached the defendants and submitted a claim. The defendants chose to deny liability, forcing us to take the case to trial.

We prepared our case carefully and were able to obtain a series of photographs of the area in question, proving that the pot-hole had been present for a considerable period of time, without repair.

Having provided this evidence, on the day of the trial the defendants Barrister backed down and made a substantial offer in the sum of £15,000 which we were happy to accept on our client’s behalf.

How we can we help 

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault and you have been injured in a supermarket accident call us on 0161 685 0070 to speak directly to an expert Personal Injury Solicitor about making a No Win  No Fee  compensation claim. We offer a free no obligation case assessment.

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