Defective road leads to £9,000 claim

person approaching a trip hazzard

Pavement and road trip claims are a fairly common occurrence and if while walking on street pavements or roads, you trip and fall, you might sustain injuries.

If your fall was due to a poorly maintained pavement or road with uneven or with large gaps or maybe a tarmac pavement with deep potholes, then you may have a right to make claim and file for compensation.  Once you have decided to make a claim and state the reason why you tripped on the pavement was due to bad maintenance, you should nonetheless be aware that a tight and thorough investigation would then be put into effect.

You may not have tripped on a pavement because you were not paying attention, but because you trust the pavement to be well maintained and safe to walk on. At times, there may be ongoing maintenance work taking place on the pavement and no notification in place to warn the public.

A client of ours recently had an accident and sustained a significant injury having tripped on a defective road.

The road is owned by Willow Park Housing who denied liability. We were able to issue court proceedings on behalf of the injured party, the court found in our favour and we settled the claim for £9,000.

If you tripped on a pavement in a private zone, then you cannot claim liability against the public authorities. Here the blame lies on the owner of the said zone. While the rules of compensation claims apply here still, there is leniency here and measures are not as tough, but they still can be under major scrutiny. The prime thing to focus on when making a claim is liability. All pointers should lead to poor maintenance of the pavement and gargering thorough evidence as quickly as possible is key to making a good case.


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