Poor Dentistry Leads to £5,000 in Compensation

person receiving dental treatment
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Dental Negligence Claims

If you’ve suffered poor treatment at the dentist which caused unnecessary pain,
suffering or serious injury, you may qualify for NO WIN NO FEE dental negligence compensation.

We believe everyone deserves the highest level of care when visiting the dentist, whether privately or through the NHS. From common injuries like the wrong tooth being removed to more serious incidents which result in lasting nerve damage — our dental negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation if you’ve suffered an injury in the dentist chair.

Most dental procedures cause some level of pain and discomfort, but if you think the problem with your teeth has been made worse by your dentist, you could be eligible to make a no win no fee claim.

What you might want to complain about?

NHS dentists have to follow certain standards and rules and if they don’t, you can make a complaint. Here is a list of some things that could go wrong but remember if a problem comes up that isn’t on this list, you still may be able to complain. Examples include:

  • poor care
  • cross-infection issues, for example, using dirty equipment
  • mistakes in prescribing drugs, for example, prescribing antibiotics without checking whether you’re allergic to them
  • you’re charged more for the treatment than you expected
  • the dentist fails to give you a treatment plan
  • the dentist doesn’t get valid consent from you before treatment
  • bad communication, for example, your dentist doesn’t explain why a certain course of treatment is necessary or how much the treatment will cost
  • poor record-keeping

Our specialist medical negligence solicitors have years of knowledge and experience in dental claims, and can make all the difference in helping to secure the compensation you deserve.

One such client from Prestwich, underwent a prolonged period of substandard and negligent treatment by his Dentist. Negligent treatment included fillings that fell out, failing to let the anaesthetic take hold before beginning drilling, and a general poor standard of dentistry.

We acted on his behalf and are pleased to report he was awarded £5,000 in compensation for the pain and suffering he experienced. We also arranged for a professional and competent dentist to repair his teeth.

Treadstone Law can help you get the compensation you deserve

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Would you like to discuss your Dental Negligence claim? If you would prefer us to call you at your convenience please fill out our contact form above and request a call back to discuss your case.

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