Road Traffic Accident with drunk driver

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£7000 after RTA with drunk driver

We have also settled an interesting case “Mrs S” from Lancashire. She was involved in a serious 6 car road traffic accident in a busy shopping centre, when a drunk driver collided with a considerable number of vehicles causing massive structural damage to those cars.

“Mrs S” was traumatized by this serious accident and as a consequence we ensured that the third party insurance company paid for 2 courses of cognitive behavioural therapy which allowed the client to adjust and accept and come to terms with the accident.

Thereafter she also had therapeutic physiotherapy and massage which further assisted her recovery.

Throughout the conduct of the claim, the insurance company maintained that it was a minor injury and refused to pay for any of these therapists.

We therefore issued Court Proceedings and got a Court Order that the third party insurers be forced to pay for all of these treatments.

We once again negotiated a very high level of damages even with all of these treatments and level of injuries the insurance company would not make a generous offer.

Their final offer was £7000.00 but we ensured that the claim was placed in the Court List for a final hearing in order to ramp up the pressure on the insurance company.

Close to the date of the final hearing we extracted an offer of £10,000.00 from the insurance company which the client was absolutely delighted with.

We even managed to arrange a day off from work for the client!

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