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N244 Form - CCJ Removal

What is an N244 form (‘application notice’)?

What is an N244 form? N244 is a court application form used when a party to court proceedings wants to make an application to the court to have a request granted. This often triggers a contested hearing, unless the application is done by consent with the other parties.

If it is done by consent, then it is necessary as part of the application process to draft a court order for the judge to approve.

When to use an N244 form?

The application notice is used if there is a preliminary issue in the case which needs a special hearing just on that subject alone not on the full issues of the case.

This is the form the court will require a party to proceedings to fully complete prior to the hearing and as part of the application process.

Using this form can be tricky as there are accepted phrases and wordings that the court will expect to see. This is known as making an application to court.

Making an application to court is something only solicitors can file on your behalf as no other organisations are legally allowed to take steps in proceedings or take part in litigation.

How to submit an N244 form?

Firstly, you must fully fill in the form and state upon it what you are applying for.

Then, then the court will expect you to submit evidence in support of your application and a draft order for appraisal and approval.

You must also pay the correct court fee and provide copies.

How much does an N244 form cost?

The court often change the fees they require to process the application. As of August 2021, the fee is £255 and is payable by the person making the application.

Unless we can persuade the defendants to consent to the application, the fee is £100.

Take the worry out of it! Let Treadstone Law Solicitors help you.

As a litigant in person, it can be daunting and confusing for any person involved in contested legal proceedings.

Treadstone Law Solicitors can do all of this for you – we have made tens of thousands of such applications in the past and as solicitors, we can also appear in court for you.

We are officers of the court and therefore have the rights of the audience.

Beware that debt management companies have no rights of audience, therefore they can’t represent you in court.

ONLY SOLICITORS can act for you at court. Some companies who are NOT ACTUAL solicitors try to offer CCJ removal services. This is against the law. Under the Legal Services Act 2007, the conduct of litigation is reserved for SOLICITORS only.

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