Wrong Pescription Leads to Claim


If you have been prescribed the wrong medication, you may be entitled to make a wrong prescription claim.

There are many circumstances where this could have happened;

  • Your GP or doctor prescribing you medication that you are allergic to, if it should have be known from your medical records that this is the case.
  • A pharmacy providing you with the wrong medication at the point you collect/purchase this.
  • A GP or doctor prescribing you with the wrong medication for the symptoms or ailments that you have, meaning the treatment is ineffective and at worst potentially harmful to your health.
  • Your GP or doctor prescribing you with medication that conflicts with medication you are already taking.
  • Your GP or doctor prescribing you with too high or too low a dose of the medication you need.
  • A GP, doctor or pharmacy providing you with incorrect advice on how to take the medication, i.e. too frequently, too infrequently, the incorrect dose or in the incorrect form. For instance, you may be told and given instructions to dissolve medicine in water or take it with food, when in actual fact, this is not what should be done.


At Treadstone Law we acted for  “Mrs L” of Manchester who was given a prescription by her Doctor and when she went to her local pharmacy, they dispensed the wrong medication – that is, she was not given what her Doctor had written on her prescription.

After four weeks had passed, she began to suffer from the serious side effects of the drugs she had been given. She went to her local hospital in some distress, where a nurse spotted that she had been supplied with the wrong medicine.

As soon as she stopped taking the drugs, she began to feel better.

We pursued a claim against the pharmacy for her, using a copy of her prescription and the remainder of the drugs she had been prescribed as evidence.

The pharmacy denied liability and we spent several months fighting the case on our client’s behalf. Eventually, we obtained over £2,000 in compensation for her.

Fortunately, the drugs she had taken did not cause her any permanent damage.


If you believe you may have a victim of the incorrect administration of medicines or treatment call us on 0161 685 0070 or use the form below.

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